Day 10 Task: Advance Git & GitHub for DevOps Engineers.

Day 10 Task: Advance Git & GitHub for DevOps Engineers.

Git Branching

Use a branch to isolate development work without affecting other branches in the repository. Each repository has one default branch, and can have multiple other branches. You can merge a branch into another branch using a pull request.

Branches allow you to develop features, fix bugs, or safely experiment with new ideas in a contained area of your repository.

Every organizations follows different branching strategies.

Git Revert and Reset

Two commonly used tools that git users will encounter are those of git reset and git revert . The benefit of both of these commands is that you can use them to remove or edit changes you’ve made in the code in previous commits.

Git Revert is like of undo we can say using this command we can undo our previous commit.

Git Reset is similar to remove or reset all the changes if we have committed something wrong and we want to remove all those by mentioning commit id git reset can be done such changes.

Git Rebase and Merge

What Is Git Rebase?

Git rebase is a command that lets users integrate changes from one branch to another, and the logs are modified once the action is complete. Git rebase was developed to overcome merging’s shortcomings, specifically regarding logs.

What Is Git Merge?

Git merge is a command that allows developers to merge Git branches while the logs of commits on branches remain intact.

The merge wording can be confusing because we have two methods of merging branches, and one of those ways is actually called “merge,” even though both procedures do essentially the same thing.

Task 1:

Add a text file called version01.txt inside the Devops/Git/ with “This is first feature of our application” written inside. This should be in a branch coming from master, [hint try git checkout -b dev], swithch to dev branch ( Make sure your commit message will reflect as "Added new feature"). [Hint use your knowledge of creating branches and Git commit command]

  • version01.txt should reflect at local repo first followed by Remote repo for review. [Hint use your knowledge of Git push and git pull commands here]

Add new commit in dev branch after adding below mentioned content in Devops/Git/version01.txt: While writing the file make sure you write these lines

  • 1st line>> This is the bug fix in development branch

  • Commit this with message “ Added feature2 in development branch”

  • 2nd line>> This is gadbad code

  • Commit this with message “ Added feature3 in development branch

  • 3rd line>> This feature will gadbad everything from now.

  • Commit with message “ Added feature4 in development branch

  • Restore the file to a previous version where the content should be “This is the bug fix in development branch” [Hint use git revert or reset according to your knowledge]

  • git checkout <hash id> <filename> using this command we can restore the file the whichever previous version we want.